Essential Oils

Is there something to essential oils?

My hygienist Kirsten was telling me about Young Living oils that she has been using and distributes as a way for her family to promote health.  This got me interested because I know that essential oils are the active ingredient in Listerine which have great anti-microbial properties.  Also recently during a flood at my house, the water mitigator said he would use essential oils of Thyme to prevent mold growth as it was natural and non-toxic which really appeals to me because of my 1 year old daughter.

I’m going to do some research on this, anybody have any experience or thoughts? Essential oils can be aerosolized through diffusers, applied topically, or even ingested to achieve their effects.  I am concerned about therapeutic concentration, safety, efficacy, and purity as these products are not regulated…. More to come in future blog posts!


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